chdcEveryone who has been using a working computer for the past decade can understand what the phrase ‘blue screen of death’ means. This happens when one’s hard disk drive has failed and won’t let you access any of the data stored inside. In most cases, a hard drive crash can be predicted when one hears a clicking hard drive sound. Any unusual noises when opening up or saving a file or copying a file is definitely a cause for worry.

As one of the most sensitive parts of a working computer, a clicking hard drive can spell trouble for you and is considered by many a sign of an impending hard disk drive crash. While sometimes it can be a simple problem that can easily be fixed with the right tools, such as the computer not being able to read the System Area, most times it creates troublesome baggage that ends up with one needing to purchase a new hard disk drive. But whatever the reason may be, do not attempt to open up the computer and try to fix a clicking hard drive sound yourself. Always contact the nearest and most trusted computer professionals to look into the clicking sound and fix the problem for you.

Clicking Hard Drive Data Recovery Solutions

In this age of data storage and solutions, one needs to make sure that all the integral parts of their documented lives are properly stored and managed. We have become a generation that is so used to preserving memories and storing them as photos and files and we need them to be easily accessible from time to time.

The problem is, what happens when you suddenly hear a clicking hard drive sound when you are trying to access these memories? What do you do when the sounds get more persistent and it is taking a lot longer than usual to open a file or save a photo or copy data?

Most cases, recovering files from a clicking hard drive can be easily done since the clicking sound doesn’t necessarily mean that the drive has already crashed and the files are already erased. Usually, the data is still accessible and when you hear clicking hard drive noises, just make sure to backup your data as soon as possible.

Get an external hard drive, if you don?t have one already, to save all your files there. Also, look into data recovery software that?s available on the market and online. You can easily download some and install it to help you recover data from your hard drive. If none of the products work, just head over to a professional to get help in your data recovery problems.

Types Of Hard Drive Crash

A hard disk drive is a part of your computer that stores and retains the data, and enables you to retrieve the data as well when it?s time for you to use it. And just like any part of a computer, it is also prone to different types of failures which is why we?ve listed down the types so you would know what to do in case of a hard drive crash.

One type of hard drive failure is physical failures because of damage. This means that a hard drive crash is caused by something that has contaminated or corrupted the physical parts of the hard disk drive, such as the spindle motors, actuator, magnetic heads, power connector, etc. This failures can sometimes be caused by dropping the laptop or computer, or when it?s bumped when running or when the power source is cut when it?s writing, and more.

Another type of hard drive crash is a Logical Failure wherein the disk drive’s file system is corrupted by a virus or something else. Sometimes it?s also caused by the deletion of an important file source or if the drive was not formatted properly. In such cases, your computer system may recognize the device but it won?t read it properly.

For any hard drive failure problems, it?s best to consult a technician or computer professional as soon as possible because prolonging the problem will cause even more problems and might mean you have to shell out even more money than usual.

2 thoughts on “A Clicking Hard Drive Can Spell Trouble For You

  1. Great post! I was glad to come across it, mainly because I had heard that if your drive starts to make sounds, you need to either backup immediately (risky) or call a hard drive recovery company.

    I did the latter. Thanks for saving me the money. It was a close call, but the company you mentioned (Hard Drive Recovery Group) were way cheaper than I thought they’d be.

    Big thanks!

    1. Thanks for the shout-out, Dina. Totally agree with you on HDRG. Lou and the boys are masters of what they do, and that goes almost without saying (unfortunately, as a lot of the bigger firms with larger marketing budgets get waaaayyy too much credit.

      Now… time to buy yourself a cheap backup drive!

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