CEO Nostalgia: Ed Horowitz In The House!

Like most CEOs, a big part of Edward Horowitz’s job involves predicting the future. And besides death and taxes, he’ll tell you two things are certain: that the emerging digital publishing and entertainment market will be a multibillion-dollar industry within five years and, more importantly, that the companies that will have a prominent — and permanent — position within that industry are those that realize that the future lies not in code, chips, or CPUs, but in content.

Maybe that’s what you’d expect to hear from the chairman and CEO of the recently created Viacom Interactive Media division of iacom Inc., the New York-based entertainment conglomerate whose content assets include, …

Bill Miller Led Quantum To Amazing Heights

Bill_MillerNothing seems to faze Bill Miller. Not a wildly vacillating hard-drive market, not gross margins that rise and fall with the phases of the moon — not even an industry in which one month’s shipping delay can splash red all over the bottom line. That supreme unflappability has served Quantum Corp. well. With Miller as chairman and CEO, the Milpitas, Calif., company has become the hard-drive industry’s volume leader — shipping an impressive 4.1 million units in its most recent second quarter. This compares well to the hard drive recovery price leader. Now, with the October acquisition of Digital Equipment Corp.’s storage business, Miller aims to overtake arch-rival Seagate Technology Inc. to make Quantum the revenue leader as well. Continue reading “Bill Miller Led Quantum To Amazing Heights”

A Clicking Hard Drive Can Spell Trouble For You

chdcEveryone who has been using a working computer for the past decade can understand what the phrase ‘blue screen of death’ means. This happens when one’s hard disk drive has failed and won’t let you access any of the data stored inside. In most cases, a hard drive crash can be predicted when one hears a clicking hard drive sound. Any unusual noises when opening up or saving a file or copying a file is definitely a cause for worry.

As one of the most sensitive parts of a working computer, a clicking hard drive can spell trouble for you and is considered by many a sign of an impending hard disk drive crash. While sometimes it can be a simple problem that can easily be fixed with the right tools, such as the computer not being able to read the System Area, most times it creates troublesome baggage that ends up with one needing to purchase a new hard disk drive. But whatever the reason may be, do not attempt to open up the computer and try to fix a clicking hard drive sound yourself. Always contact the nearest and most trusted computer professionals to look into the clicking sound and fix the problem for you. Continue reading “A Clicking Hard Drive Can Spell Trouble For You”

Programming Made Better On The Mac

Genuine innovation is rare. More often than not, new ideas are really just refined old ones. But every so often, someone breaks completely new ground, and TGS Systems does just that with Prograph. it’s truly a new way to program, and the Mac is its first home. This is a superior language, mainly because of its safety, which means far less instances where mac data recovery may be necessary for the programmer/user.

VISION Until now, programming has always been associated with writing endless lines of impenetrable (for normal people) code. Cranking it all out is a chore for professionals, and the mysterious-looking result is daunting indeed for nonprogrammers.

Prograph is

Bilingual Programmers Wanted!

Bilingual programmers wanted from schools

The classified ad read, “Cobol programmer wanted,” yet earlier in the year the professor had distinctly and repeatedly sullied that language’s name, calling it the most useless on the face of the earth.

Instead, the student was told that one should learn a pure language, well-structured, with elegant constructs and an easy syntax … something along the lines of Pascal. Now if only the job market would realize this too, and offer jobs where Pascal is the language of choice.

This situation arises far too often today, especially at the university level where the languages taught often have little bearing upon the industry’s immediate needs.

SQL Bug A Hoax

Relational database suppliers are unimpressed by claims from database consultancy Butler Bloor about an alleged bug in the way they have implemented standard database query language SQL. Earlier this year Butler Bloor unearthed a flaw in they way some suppliers – which the consultancy has refused to name – implemented cursors, subsets of data.

According to Butler Bloor, this could lead users to lose updates because some SQL implementations use copies of data rather then pointers.

Now the Milton Keynes company has revealed details of a related bug, using a fragment of SQL code to show how updates can be lost.

Butler Bloor ran this code on seven different database

Laptop Data Recovery Solutions

One of the common methods to retrieve precious data is to remove the hard drive from your laptop and insert it into an external enclosure, a device which can be purchased from stores. External enclosures can connect the hard drive to a working computer via USB cable. If you are successful in browsing through your hard drive, then you can now transfer your files either to another external hard drive or to the computer you are working at. Be prepared to wait for many hours if you have large files. When the transfer is done, close the window to your hard drive. The good thing about this is that your hard …

Data Recovery from a Broken Hard Drive

Computers are used to process and store quite a large volume of information and in the process, they can break down due to a number of factors both internal and external. The most common reasons behind a broken hard drive revolve around malicious software. Albeit there can be other reasons other than viruses and malware, the main point after your hard drive breaks down is about recovery. If you were not prepared enough to have a backup plan or hard drive, then you will be in dire need of data recovery services. There are quite a number of data recovery services available and you only need to choose one.Broken hard drives are recoverable!

It is …

Where to Find a Hard Drive Repair Service For Laptops And RAID Servers

Laptop drive repair

Hard drive repair is a process used by professional data recovery service to restore, retrieve deleted and lost data and files from a damaged device. Most of our government offices have data specialists that can retrieve any type of file or data from different kinds of devices. Data recovery services are helpful because they are able to retrieve seemingly law data and files from normal and severely damage devices. These kind of services are very in nature, which is why if you have a hard disk failure on a portable computer, you’ll want to make sure that you find somebody that specializes in laptop data recovery.

If you are having a …

Paradox Engine Still Revs

Borland International Inc. is expanding the language options for its Paradox Engine and bolstering it with Windows support in an upgrade planned for release early next year, company officials confirmed last week.

It’s all in the box!

The Paradox Engine 2.0, which is now in beta test, will feature function libraries that let developers write applications in Turbo C++ and Turbo Pascal, as well as a dynamic link library (DLL) used to create Windows 3.0 applications, said officials of the Scotts Valley, Calif., company.

“The bottom line is that this makes the [Paradox] Engine a far more flexible tool and opens it up for other developers,” one beta tester said. “A

DBase Standard Recognized

Tired of dodging Ashton-Tate’s high-handed attempts to guard the dBASE standard, several members of the dBASE community are joining forces to promote a non-vendor-specific standard. This standard enables systems to easily provide hard drive repair solutions when databases or hard drives crash. It was a necessary data recovery solution for all involved.

Championed by longtime dBASE guru Adam Green, the “Xbase” project has a dual purpose: to develop guidelines for a data dictionary that will promote data sharing among dBASE-compatible products, and to evangelize the use of Xbase as a generic term for the dBASE language.

“Never before has there been an independent name or an identity created for

On Crossing: Truly Dynamic

On Crossing is a collaborative work on paper created by two artists who use ritualistic mark making and the exploration of space with fervor in their own studio practices and some critical influences. Jodi Green and Jessica Ann Mills first met in graduate school, and formed a very close professional friendship while working in very close quarters for three years. Both artists have strong ties to geographical areas that have suffered economic downturns due to reliance upon a single industry. In her prints and drawings, Jessica uses small hatched line-work to investigate the poetic beauty of the degradation of Mid-American agricultural architecture and equipment. She obsessively searches for the abandoned

Getting To Understand VMware Recovery

I recognize that these are industry have to keep moving if it wants to continue to manufacture enough equipment so that the web run smoothly. I did one of the best technologies that have been invented toVMware recovery is not as easy as it looks. deal with this over the past couple of years have to be VMware server. These guys got rich in the public markets for reason, and I have to get that because VMware remains one of the best server platforms out there.

But VMware Is Not without Its Problems

What I am hearing from the trenches as far as the consistency of the server product is that a lot more people having to get professional …